Selene, 2013

My project for 2013 is a reworking of the Space Mermaid (!) costume that I met the lovely boyf in.  The original costume, and the reason why it is being reworked can be read about here.  I've decided to call this project after the Titan goddess of the Moon, Selene.

I've chosen a corset and sketched a plan.

Starting the corset...

Drafting the corset, part 1

Drafting the corset, part 2

A little more tinkering...

An experiment in using natural dye to colour the corset, the results, and a little magic!

Cutting out the final corset pieces.

Cording, cording, cording - a lesson in patience!

The corset bones arrive...

More corset, here and (finally) half done.

Inserting the spoon busk, decorating it with embroidery, lining it, putting in the eyelets and it is done.

Corset costs:
Fabric and dye: free, from existing stocks
Spoon Busk, Vena Cava Designs: £22.86
Steel bones and spiral wires, Vena Cava Designs: £6.87
Additional spiral wires for the hips, bias binding, corset laces, Vena Cava Designs: £8.87
Eyelets and washers, Vena Cava Designs: £6.42
Embroidery threads and decoration: free, from existing stocks

Total Cost:  £44.85

And then "Round 2", all explained here.  Sometimes, despite everything you try to do, its best to take a step back and admit when you're not going to get to where you wanted to be. I made a beautiful corset, which I'm proud of, now I just need to make myself a costume for this year's Halloween!

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