Elizabeth, 2012

My project for 2102 was a Tudor gown based on designs circa 1535, named after the young Princess Elizabeth who would have been a toddler at the time.

As ever, page links were added as they were written and I kept a tally of the project costs below.

The Corset and underwear:
Drafting the corset pattern
Making the corset, part one
Finishing the corset, part one
The finished corset
The finished bumroll

There are a number of pages relating to the Alcega Farthingale (here, herehere and here) but I ultimately did not use it for this project.  I kept the petticoat as is, without the hooping.

The Kirtle:
The Kirtle

The Smock:
Smock Cuffs and Ruffs, part two
The smock, finished!

The Foresleeves:
The Foresleeves
Attaching the foresleeves to the kirtle

The Coif:
The Coif

The Gown:
Sample fabrics for the main gown
Fabric samples for the gown
Starting the gown
More gown...
The bodice for the gown
Starting on the sleeves...  and problems with the sleeves!
The week of work on the gown: Wednesday and Thursday and Friday through to Sunday
The final touches

And she's done in time for Halloween!

Final pics can be seen here.

Corset: busk, bones, eyelets and laces (from Vena Cava Designs)  £31.92
Bumroll: all thrifted fabrics £0.00
Patterns: Margo Anderson's The Tudor Lady's Wardrobe (from Paul Meekins) £40.00
Misc: Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion Vol 3 (from Amazon)  £14.00
Kirtle bones:  (from Vena Cava Designs)  £5.64
Kirtle fabrics: black cotton, orange damask £36.00
Smock fabric: cotton lawn, bias binding £9.00 (bias was free from my stash)
The coif: cotton lawn and ribbon leftover from the smock
The gown: wool fabric £48.00, orange sleeve lining £9.00, all other fabrics left over from kirtle and corset
Gown bones: ordered with kirtle bones
Gown laces: ribbon from haberdashery shop £1.20

Total cost:  £194.76
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