Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday, a year in photos

Week 1 the sleeping pups
Week 2 little Lottie
Week 3 the purple seedhead
Week 4 Blue, the chook takes a bath
Week 5 a Dahlia Karma, look at that colour!
Week 6 a little late spring cleaning
Week 7 a sleeping chook
Week 8 transport in Dahab
Week 9 the start of secondary school!
Week 10 a little late, Megs & Finn play
Week 11 Halloween is coming!
Week 12 Hammy
Week 13 the feather and the flower
Week 14 the visiting deer
Week 15 the end of an era
Week 16 pumpkins!
Week 17 autumn leaves
Week 18 first frosts
Week 19 trying out my new phone
Week 20 the first snow of winter
Week 21 a very frosty morning
Week 22 relaxing!
Week 23 Happy Christmas everyone
Week 24 green moss
Week 25 my very own Shades of Grey
Week 26 cosy + warm = sleepy
Week 27 our first decent snow
Week 28 the Barn owl
Week 29 the tree
Week 30 Valentines
Week 31 oops!  I forgot!
Week 32 dusk...
Week 33 progress with the gourds
Week 34 Red Nose Day
Week 35 March Snows
Week 36 Bulgaria!
Week 37 the lovely boyf turns 30
Week 38 oops!  I forgot! again...
Week 39 the Magnolia blooms
Week 40 "What's going on then?" Finn gets curious
Week 41 The Feel Better Soon Flowers
Week 42 the raindrop
Week 43 our finds from the field
Week 44 Alicante!
Week 45 cherry blossom falls...
Week 46 Woodham Skies
Week 47 something is growing in my garden and I'm not sure what?
Week 48 the insect wing
Week 49 peas in a pod
Week 50 Macy and Stu
Week 51 sorry folks, no picture this week
Week 52 Macy again, she's growing so fast
Week 53 Wales - an extension of my year in photos as it was such a lovely weekend away

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