Thursday, 30 June 2011

Miss M and Little M - two little chooks

Thank you chooks and thank you mollychicken for the darling pattern.  It's been a wonderful evening's sewing!  I wasn't looking for a pattern, but I am so pleased I found it as everything else just then fell into place.

Miss M is a very yellow chook, with a bright tastes and worthy of a little decorative stitching. 

A very orange beak...

and wide, wide button eyes.

She has spotty wings,

and bright blue hair!

She came together in less than an hour.

Little M, lives (part-time) in her egg.

A pretty egg, which nestles safely in Miss M's starry pouch.

Miss M needs a little substance, we will be going shopping tomorrow... but for now I think that she and Little M look very content together.

For proper instructions, follow mollychicken's link above: I've just truly enjoyed the making!
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