Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dolly gets a body

Having been awake at 3am this morning thinking web-stuff, I decided that a change would do me good; Dolly would get a body.  I marked off the openings for the legs and arms and sewed the body together, turned it inside out and got a surprise... one of Dolly's arms would be hanging out of her neck!  A little unpicking later and we had some fun deciding how to place the arms.  

"Hallelujah! I have a body!"

Feeling a little down....

And a little Mexican wave!

I whip stitched each arm into place, stuffed the body and pinned the legs into place.  However, as I propped Dolly on the laptop, whilst I ate dinner, that I realised what was bugging me.  The joints were sewn vertically not horizontally... I give up on the instructions for this doll!

I unpicked the joints, resewed them in and Dolly's knees now bend down rather than outwards!  The arms are still not quite right, I am going to pull the elbow seams into a ball joint so that they bend more fully.  However, I had run out of my allotted time, so the joints and sewing in the legs will have to wait.

Meanwhile, Dolly may be headless but she's at least in (more or less) one piece, even if she suffers from wonky feet, arms and shoulders...!  She is giving off hints of a personality and getting a nickname "haphazard" :)  I wonder how I can turn that into a name?
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