Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Meal Worm Baguette

(it sounds like something Roald Dahl would come up with)
Chooks like meal worms, luckily for me (as I am really not a fan) they are at least dried.  I'm still not a fan.  That said, in an attempt to find a use for half a baguette that was hard enough to cause serious bodily harm, I decided to see if I couldn't make a meal worm toy for the chooks.  

Using a screw driver I carved out some holes, stuffed them with as many worms as they would take and threaded a wire through the top.  Hung in the coop it was ignored as only chooks can ignore something, until I was safely out of sight and no longer trying to see if my efforts were appreciated... a couple of hours later it was wormless.  It even lasted a couple more refills before being completely demolished.  All in all, a good effort.


In the meantime, we have a mole.  He has completely destroyed my herb patch and was aiming for my hellebore; something had to be done!  A friend once told me that the vibrations caused by plastic garden windmills put moles off, the little one that they gave me to prove the theory certain seemed to work but didn't survive the winter.  I found these fabulous bursts of spinning colour and couldn't resist, the chooks also rather like to watch them. 
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