Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Going Back to the Top

I don't usually post coding tips on here simply because there are so many other sites out there that do it so much better but this one I love because it is such a simple but effective little line of code.

As you may have noticed, I now have a scrolling "back to the top" arrow in the bottom right hand corner of my page.  Once I'd got my arrow and saved it to photobucket all I needed to do was open up my template in Blogger (insert standard "Don't forget to Backup" warning here) and inserted this piece of code

<a style="position: fixed; bottom:10px; right:10px;" href="#" title="back to the top" ><img style="border: none;" src="paste your arrow image url here"/></a> 

just above the <body> tag.  Insert the url for your own arrow image and reword the title if you want.  As the Meerkats would say "Simples!"  Cue gratuitous photo of Sergei ;o)

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