Thursday, 7 July 2011

Songbird Card

I need a card for my mother's birthday and as I thought I might have time this afternoon I played with an idea I've been thinking about for a couple of days now.   

I took a simple silhouette of a bird cage, traced it and pinned it to a piece of shot silk from the scrap pile.  Using very small stitches, and most of my patience!, I sewed around all of the traced lines.

All the time I thought I had disappeared quicker than I could keep track and stupidly I forgot to take any real photographs, but it's a simple, if fiddly little card!  Once sewn I tied off all the threads, trimmed round all the edges and cut out the silhouette, lightly distressing the edges as I did so.  I then cut a rectangle out of a contrasting cotton, glued and sewed it onto the card front and then glued on my fabric birdcage.

I cut a bird out of a piece of navy canvas and glued it on top of the bird cage (my songbird has escaped!).  A seed bead makes a good eye and a row of beads a chain from which my bird cage hangs.

I'm pleased.
I'll try to remember to take a good photo tomorrow before it goes in the post!
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