Sunday, 17 July 2011

The stronger pull... part two

I kept to my promise of "the stronger pull" this weekend, with surprising but wonderful results.  Yesterday was spent pottering and cleaning, readying my mind and my space.  Highlights include:

a tidy, under-sink, cupboard... with folded cloths (I wonder how long they'll last!)

a very shiny silver teapot (my Nan's, I love it) and a newly repaired Legs (he's Megs' favourite toy, sadly showing his age and now with a distinctive "Gimme a hug" arm thanks to Uncle G's emergency surgery!)

and matching pots for the olive trees out the front (yes, you have to look closely, I was distracted by the boyf and the dobe!)... the green crab I found behind the old pot is a bit of a mystery, especially as he disappeared, we think, up the downpipe!

In addition, we have food, a new hoover (loving the new hoover), took a rainy walk in the woods and relaxed.... perfect!
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