Friday, 13 January 2012

Finishing the corset, part two

I really should start calling it by it's proper name, "bodies"...  but that aside, the finishing is done.  It took two separate evenings, with a 24 hour break in between to rest my fingers, to bind the bottom and another two to do the sides and top. 

The main issue was that I left the bones in their channels and so, on the coutil side in particular, the needle met a great deal of resistence but I would rather that than a misstitch into the lining and then a lot of unpicking when the bone wouldn't fit back in again!  In the end I ran two lengths of thread simultaneously, one for the front and one for the back and alternated sewing sides every 6 inches or so, this made it go much quicker. 

There are suggestions that you leave the main wooden bone panel open at the top and then lace it in place with holes drilled through it and the front of the corset, but I like the severe look of this corset, I didn't want a bow on the front softening it.

I took a couple of quick photos on my phone this morning, it still needs to be pressed and I will take some other photos later with my camera, but it gives you an idea.

Now the boyf and I (I am enlisting help on this one!) need to tackle the eyelets... please let there be no mistakes or accidents, I have gone way too far to have to rebuild this bodies from scratch!
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