Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The wonky wonk

wonk: a person who studies a subject thoroughly, a nerd
wonky: awry, wrong, not working, unsteady
That wonderful word “wonk” entered our vocabulary a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Covert Affairs (ok, a guilty pleasure!) and Google.  The boyf and I looked at each other and yep, that’s me… I’m in very good company though, I've always liked Bill Clinton!

Our newfound knowledge was perfectly timed as I have since had plenty of opportunity, this past couple of weeks, to indulge my inner wonk whilst I wait for a particularly annoying bout of the wonky-Ts to pass.  This time, for whatever reason, on top of all the usual thyroid nonsense, I have ached as though with flu, all day, every day and particularly in my arms, wrists and hands.  I haven’t been able to hold a pen to write comfortably, or type, and the farthingale with its 2.6yds of cotton drill has been way too heavy to handle.  It sits patiently on the back of a chair till I can work with it again.

But, every cloud and all that, I have not, therefore, been distracted from prepping for my first appointment with an endocrinologist (fingers and toes crossed) and have become the thyroid wonk with the wonky thyroid – catchy don’t you think? ;o)

Good news is I’m getting better again.  I still ache, but not enough to put me off doing stuff and I have decided that I will handstitch the seams of the farthingale.  Although hard on the hands, I won’t have to hold the fabric as high or as firmly as I would if sewing on the machine; and I can take my time, curled up on the sofa in front of the fire.  It will also be a chance to work a flat-felled seam again; one of my favourite seam finishes and authentic to the period.  It's nice to be back, I've missed doing.
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