Friday, 4 May 2012

Beads and trims

My black glass pearl beads arrived and I am, it seems, not good at judging either size or quantity!  Luckily, the size, whilst smaller than my 'two fingers held apart just so guesstimate', is perfect.  And you can always order more, which I did, plus some lovely looking burnt orange beads too, cos they were there, and looked pretty, and are still amazingly cheap, you can never have enough beads and will always find something to do with them... yes, I am randomly shopping... did I mention that the boyf is off on a last minute boys (Bank Holiday, no less) weekend to Alicante? I need something to keep me occupied whilst he's vacationing ;o)

Once the orange beads arrive, I will try mixing them with the black ones for the other two strands of the necklace; the black only is a too stark a contrast to the middle strand.

In the meantime, I have also started to play with the bugle beads; stitching them to the organza ribbon, mixing the colours (a peachy tinted silver, off white, deep yellow, red and chocolate brown) randomly.  I made a test piece approx 4" long.  It's a pig to do, small, fiddly and prone to twisting; I learnt to stop fighting it and embrace the "flow"!  It doesn't suit as a bilament to the front of the gown, but more and more I don't think that I'll need it and I am so in love with my orange damask, it seems a shame to keep finding things to cover it up.  I can imagine it working very well as a bilament for the front of the French Hood though; mixed with some of the glass beads for continuity.
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