Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A whole new blog?

Things are changing round here... out with old etc. etc.

When I started this blog I tried too hard to have it look a certain way and, most importantly, find a great, snazzy, unforgettable name!  Luckily, sense won over on the looks pretty quickly but as for the name: I thought and thought and thought myself right back to square one, decided it was all too fussy and picked a "does what it says on the label" moniker.  Not that it hasn't done me in good stead the last couple of years, but it was a cop out and, now that we've both grown up and found our feet, I think it's time for a change.

Sitting with pen and paper ready, playing with all the combinations of favourite words, subjects, plays on my name etc. that I could think of, and rapidly being back in the same position I was two years ago, I knew I didn't want to be "deeply cool" (oh, to be on that list!) or aiming at a niche audience.  I just wanted to keep talking about the things that are important to me: what I'm making, the people (two and four-legged alike) who are important to me and, by default, a little about myself.  Lightbulbs! Eureka!... "make, me, mine".  A new name, and it's kinda cute in a hallmark card sort of way ;o)

Now I'm not entirely sure how to change my url without two years of posts going into an internet black hole; so whilst I figure that out, I'm playing with the new look and name.  As with all good things, someone's snapped up the .blogspot (though I can't find a corresponding blog, annoying!)  So, it could be that you will soon find me at either makesmemine.blogspot or makemeandmine.blogspot, I'm undecided.  Any other combination suggestions very welcome; and hints/tips on how to move without it all going horribly wrong!  In the meantime, if we look a little scruffy please bear with me whilst I work my way though the changes... and I hope you like the new look.
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