Monday, 16 July 2012

A Smock Gusset, or two

Do you know how hard it is to sew with a dobe and a puppy on your lap?  No, well, it's not easy, and occasionally painful, and bad on the eyes, and causes the odd wonky stitch; but you all know that I wouldn't change it for anything.  I sit most nights now with my nose virtually in the armpit of my smock, trying to keep it away from fidgety on my lap, whilst the big fidget leans in from the side.  The dobe, whilst not doing my back much good with her 30kg+ of leaning at least knows to stay away from the fabric.  The Finn, he's yet to completely catch on!

So, the stitching goes slowly - I am actually debating sneaking off to my car during the lunch hour at work - but it's given me a chance to take some pictures of the underarm gussets.

The inside of the gusset, set into the top of the side seam and the corresponding sleeve seam.

The gusset from the outside.

And shown face on, it opens up the armpit quite a bit allowing a greater flow of air, the Tudor's answer to deodorant!

I have actually finished one thing; the shoulder seams.  I decided to use binding instead of simply turning them in: one, to strengthen them as they are so narrow and, two, in the hope that it will also help them stay put on my shoulders!  Handstiched to the edge, folded over and stitched in place along the shoulder/sleeve seam, they do feel a good deal more secure.  The front and back necklines I just turned and hemmed, the binding gave them a rigidity which, after some debate, I decided against.  The other necklines of the outfit are all so rigid, I liked that this one is a little softer, freer.

The shoulders, the edge finished with binding.
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