Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wardrobe pocket organiser... or the smalls holder!

I have some nice underwear, I really do.  Most of the time however it sits in a drawer forgotten about and so this week, one of my little projects was to make a pocket organiser to hang inside the wardrobe door and hold my lovely smalls.  You can blame it on/thank 50 Shades, it seems almost anything is at the moment! ;o)

I re-purposed a blind that used to hang in my old kitchen... top right hand corner of the gratuitous photo of my friends dressed as pirates and, if you look carefully, an octopus!

It was a pretty rough and ready sewathon, it took less than an hour to make.  

I cut the back (it's prelined from its days as a blind) piece out, 20" wide and 25" tall (I allowed 1" on each edge for hemming), using as many pre-existing finished edges as I could to minimise sewing.  The cut edges I neatened with a row of zigzag stitch and the two long sides I turned and hemmed.  I also kept details from the blind such as the buttons along the top as a decorative detail.

The organiser has 9 pockets approximately 6" x 6" big.  I cut 8" wide x 19" long strips of fabric, giving myself an inch top and bottom to hem them and a 1/2" turn in each side.  Starting from the bottom I sewed them onto the backing.  For the bottom row I used a piece that was pre-hemmed and stitched it over the unfinished edge of the backing before folding it over to encase the bottom edge.

The outside edges were then folded in line with the outer edge and stitched in place.

And the one large pocket separated into three, 6" wide each, with a single vertical line of stitching.

The next two rows followed in much the same way, the bottom seam sewn right side to right side and folded over, edges turned in and pocket seams sewn at 6" gaps.

So there you have it, by no means a work of (stitched) art but a quick and easy to make, useful bit of re-purposing and the fabric is one of my favourites, a really cheerful modern floral; it made a nice change from acres of white cotton!
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