Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy Anniversary....

The lovely boyf and I met at a Halloween party.  He was the Jedi, I was the Space Mermaid (I still don't quite know why!)  He was a brave man to take on a divorcing older girl, with 5yr old daughter, ramshackle house and two loopy dogs.  He is still a brave man, living with his still older (occasionally thyroid crazy) older girl, an 11yr old, chooks and two different but equally loopy dogs!  He is also a good man and my best friend.

We "don't do anniversaries", an agreement that I always somehow manage to break, and I promised earlier that there were no cards... I'm sure that this doesn't count ;o)  As we met in fancy dress and the theme has continued this past six years, a little montage of some of our finer moments didn't seem amiss - the Pants People is a particular favourite!   So, Happy Anniversary, thank you for the last six years and here's to many more xxx

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