Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The week that was....

So the Finn is, touch-wood-fingers-and-toes-crossed, on the mend.  The last 48 hours (it feels far longer) I have been acting like a slightly demented anxious mama and I am very lucky to have kind and patient friends!  I am too much of a control freak to deal well with the vagueness of just waiting and seeing.  There is a list of what I can ignore and what I should phone the vet about, but the ignore list contains some pretty scary symptoms/side effects and I can't help but wonder when ignoring is no longer an option.  That, combined with the fact that my little man seems to be discovering the art of manipulation, and I am fretting far more than is sensible... we're back to the kind and patient friends :o)  So, tomorrow, baring anything really horrible happening in the morning, I am going to (wo)man-up, resist those gorgeous big ears and doleful eyes and just make sure I'm home super quick!

In the meantime, the Megs is behaving super well.  I was thinking that she would be a nightmare this week, without all her usual treats and nibbles (there would be no way of making sure Finn didn't share) and instead she's been the calmest I've seen her in a long while.  We are careful about what they eat, all natural, nothing bleached or coloured but perhaps there's more to them then we thought, there's certainly no denying the change. Poor Megs, she may just have lost her bribe rights!

Other than that, I've done none of what I planned, no sewing and very little homework, but we have booked a holiday!  The lovely boyf seems to have got on well in Boston and I've certainly not had too much spare time to mope about missing him (sorry hon!) but I'll be very glad to see him on Friday.  And the 11yr old has been a good giggle; putting up with stressed mum, eating everything I've cooked without complaint and making sure I'm all caught up on Glee, and now Primeval - watching her watch it is just hysterical.  She spends the majority of the time hiding.  We also bought ourselves a Red Nose each, all ready for the 15th, and are practicing our poses!

So, here's to a calmer Thursday and Friday, and a happy weekend everyone, where I promise not to disturb anyone unless its really, truly important! 

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