Friday, 28 June 2013

Saying goodbye to 38...

As the 12 year old embraced 12; I was counting down my days of 38 and wondering what the last step to 40 would feel like.  Now, 40 I'm excited about and, I apologise now, I intend to celebrate it in style... 39 feels a little underwhelming; poor 39, always a bridesmaid!

As it is, I've had a wonderful couple of days.  I filled as much of my spare time as I could with the dogs.  Walks with my two and time spent with a new "extended" pack, thanks to the local dog rescue that the 12 year old and I am now volunteering at.  Great people, wonderful dogs; it is bringing a whole new dimension to my life and studies.

Because I'm spending more time away from my two, albeit for a good cause, it makes me want to spend better time with them; varying our walks more and going out for longer. The fields at the bottom of the churchyard were off-limits while my ribs healed but the horses have moved back to their old field now and we've been enjoying the extremely long grass that's taking over instead.  Long grass is one of Megan's favourite things; she barrels through with abandon.  Finn, however, is never more than a foot from my side and will often wait for me to go in front and walk him a path.

I decided to crouch down and see the world from his height and Meggie came to find us.

Finn really does live in a very different world; I'm intrigued to see more of it from his viewpoint and am definitely going to try a few more photographs if he'll be patient with me!

As for the rest of the day, I was spoilt with love and good wishes.  I know I am a lucky woman and so thankful for my family and friends.  I'm even rather liking the sound of 39; still no 40 but pretty damn good so far!
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