Monday, 17 June 2013

The Greenhouse Workbench

The last bloggable excitment of the weekend is the new bench in my greenhouse, which the lovely boyf helped me build... ok, built ;o) ... on Sunday morning, using recycled boards, fence posts and a bit of spare tree.  I love it and have been very happily cluttering it up already!

The leftover fake grass floor was then fit properly in place, I cut around the bench legs so it can be pulled out easily for cleaning.
The tomatos, which have been sat on the floor under where the bench now is, have been growing so well that I also had an idea for staking them underneath the bench (until they outgrow them and move outside).  We drilled a series of 12mm diameter holes through the worksurface and trimmed bamboo canes to 6" short of the height bench.  They are held nicely in place, sit flush with the surface of the workbench and can be lifted up and held in place when moving the pots or lifting up the "grass".

There are also hints of colour coming through in the garden now:

A couple of weeks and I'm hoping for a blaze of gloriousness!

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