Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Stu goes on Retreat

Try as we did, last Saturday I came to the decision to rehome the fabulous Stu. It was turning out that he was a doodler, still not a particularly good one, but very, very keen. He could doodle standing up, sitting down, lying on his back having a belly rub, daytime, nighttime, dawn, dusk and never for less than at least a couple of dozen doodles. We ran out of options for keeping him quiet and his hormones were getting the better of him too. He was picking on the girls, Macy included, and my little run is not big enough to give them all room to safely escape each other.

He still loved a cuddle and is young enough to find his place in a new coop; I found the perfect place too, a rescue that will keep him forever and has both a flock of roos and of hens. They seemed delighted to have him and I trust them to keep him well and happy.

So, Saturday morning we went on a road trip. It was pouring with rain and the traffic was awful so Stu and I did what all good road trips do, chewed the fat and sang. Well, he doodled (and doodled and doodled) and I sang loudly (and somewhat out of key) over the top. It was a good goodbye.

I can't say I'm not appreciating the more relaxed atmosphere, the girls certainly are not pining (fickle ladies, all of them) but I do wish we had had the means to keep Stu, he is a great character and I was rather fond of his doodles, despite the noise and frequency. At least we know we saved him from being "surplus to requirements" and have found him a good place to live out his days.

Happy doodles Chicken Stu x

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