Sunday, 11 August 2013

Three very special dogs

I volunteer a few hours a week at a dog rescue, it is great experience for my course and even better for my soul.  The kindness, commitment and dedication of the people that run it is inspiring; I love the time that I spend there and some of the dogs become very special.  I took a couple of photos today of three wonderful little souls, a snapshot of life at a dog rescue.

Little Taz, he's 14 and in need of a foster who will give him lots love and care.  He's booked in for a good groom and haircut but I rather love his shaggy dog look and I think he enjoyed his impromptu bath today.

Angel.  One noisy little girl who will do anything for a bellyrub!

And Asia.  A stunning, young girl with the most amazing ears!  She reminds me a great deal of my Megs and this photo just melts my heart.

If you ever have space in your heart and your life for a dog, there would be no better bet than a rescue.  I'm lucky to see for myself the trust that they place in their rescuers and the love that they have to give when they find their new family.  They really are very special dogs.

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