Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Finn's World, part 2

It's been a while since I last looked at the world from little Finn's point of view.  In fairness to us all, lots of photos of Finn and grass wouldn't be the most interesting of things to see. Grass, after all, is grass.

We have, however, recently had the harvest.  I say "we" and obviously mean the nameless, faceless owner of the land that surrounds our little home, but it has such an impact on our daily walks that it feels far too personal not to be a "we".  Since these photos have been taken, for example, the field has had it's first plough and is an impassable mass of giant sods of earth.  It will be a good few weeks before we can stretch our legs across it again.  But I digress.

Harvest = a field dissected by row upon row of hay (?) and whilst Megs and I simply stepped over, Finn was faced with an obstacle course.  Ever the loving mother, once I had stopped my laughing, it was time to take a few shots.

Here comes Finn.

And here comes Megs!
Finn was loving it...
occasionally he'd be defeated...
but mostly he just cleared them in style!
And yes, go on... double click... it's worth the close up! ;o)
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