Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Stockings, a tutorial and template

There really isn't too much to be said about these; they're so quick and easy to make!  Perfect for making in any fabric, I used faux silk on one and felt for the other two.  Decoration came in the form of ribbons, buttons, and hand cut felt shapes.

Start by selecting your fabric, folding it double (right sides together) and laying it flat on the table.  Place the template on top.  In this case, I cheated, and used the rather nice selvedge edge as the top of my stocking, thus saving a little extra sewing!

Place two pins in the lower layer of fabric to mark the width of the top of the stocking.  Fold the top layer back.

Place your decorative ribbons across the width of the stocking.  I chose lace and a pair of very pretty gift wraps that I had, pompoms and tassels on a very fine wire, which I twisted together.  Pin in place.  

* For the felt stockings, the ribbon detailing was replaced with a band of a contrasting felt.

I only decorated the front of my stockings, but both sides could obviously be done with the same method.

Lay the top layer back down, ensuring that the top of stocking edges match.  Lay the template on top and pin in place.

Keeping the template in place, stitch around it on your machine.  Normally I would mark it and remove the paper template but I did not want to disturb the ribbon detailing.

Remove the template and pins, hem the stitched edge and trim.  Turn inside out and you have a stocking!

* For the felt stockings, I used a little fabric glue to stick the trim to the top of the stocking, leaving it open at the bottom.

To hang, take a piece of ribbon and loop it on itself.  Hand sew this to the front of the stocking and then add any other details that you would like.  

My stocking is decorated with a bow/charm that I removed from an overly fussy bra!  Megs and Rascals' stockings were decorated with their initials cut from felt and a button.

The template can be found here, it prints on A4 for the size shown.

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