Wednesday, 1 February 2012

An Elizabethan Farthingale, the hoop bones

The 10yo helped me measure up for the hoop boning for the farthingale this evening.  If I order it tonight I might, just might, fingers and toes crossed, have it by the weekend so that I can get on making whilst the boyf is off in San Diego.

I followed the farthingale instructions but, as I'm taller than the height that the pattern is designed for, I have bought extra boning so that I can add another row if I need to.  The boning is designed to sit in rows 6" apart and I decided to keep to that density but I don't want to lose the effect that the farthingale is designed for because there is too big of gap between the top row of boning and my waist line.  

I've chosen a new product from Vena Cava designs, narrow gauge steel hooping with brass connectors and 35mm gosgrain ribbon to use for the boning channels.  23m of steel I've ordered, 23m for a single clothing item... this is going to be fun!
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