Thursday, 7 June 2012

Back to home and blog...

It has been a utterly lovely two weeks.  Florida was beautiful and we are lucky to have the fantastic Mr & Mrs B to holiday with; they are great holiday companions and it makes a real difference being able to share a great experience.

What is even nicer though is to have a fantastic holiday and then come home and still feel quietly satisfied with your everyday lot.  Even if I've traded wall to wall sunshine, 30+C, a pool and nothing more important to decide than which black bikini to wear, for cold, rain and the "daily grind" I can honestly say I'm just as happy... just with more great memories to add to the pile.

I did try to blog when I was away, but whilst iPad was my firm friend in the fight against the zombie hordes, it wouldn't let me think.  Well the thoughts chugged happily along , but somewhere between my brain and that silly virtual keypad, I lost my train of thought... not just lost, but derailed and smoking too!

So, instead, I did a little cooking (more later), a tonne of reading, developed an obsession for dress shopping with Mrs B and the 10yr old and hunting for shark's teeth (yep), did a little plotting (more of that later too) and some serious relaxing.... just perfect!

But it's still good to be home :)
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