Sunday, 24 June 2012

It's been a busy weekend

Yesterday we spent the day watching and celebrating the wonderful Mr S marry the gorgeous new Mrs S!  It was a beautiful day and always a privilege to see two such perfectly matched people share their happiness and love with the rest of us.  I wanted them to have a special card and came up with this.

The pearl buttons are handsewn on, each with a lilac bead at the centre (a nod to Mrs S's colour scheme for the day).  I finished the card off with Mr S in mind: a "Handmade With Love" ribbon which when folded in half was a little cheekier ;o) and a brown organza ribbon trim, fixed in place with seed and bugle beads spelling LOVE in Morse Code.

I have never been a fan of "tidying" up handmade cards, unless I've made a horrible mess! and deliberately stitched the back of this to resemble a constellation.  I used the lines to then write all the words I think, which should be important when you're in love.  Inside we  "bought" them dinner at our favourite Parisian restaurant... perfect.

*     *     *    *    *

Today we Raced for Life.  The t-shirts turned out well; the flowers ironed flat where then embellished with multicoloured beads and you can never have too many leis!  We were joined by the lovely Mrs B, L & H and mostly made it round without getting soaked, despite the weather forecast, rather ominous clouds and occasional downpour, with bonus hail!  Between us, and a host of extremely kind people, we have raised in excess of £600.  A fabulous amount for a worthy cause. 

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