Thursday, 14 June 2012

Houdini and the Gardener

The pups earned themselves new nicknames this week.  Megs, “The Gardener”, who did the exact opposite of what we would have imagined, when she found herself locked out of her kennel (thankfully during a rare break in the rain), and sunned herself in the garden instead of digging it up.  And Finn, “Houdini”, who proved his escape artist skills by unzipping his pen from the inside; much to the 10yr olds’ shock when she came home to find him mooching in the kitchen.  It should have been chaos, all flying soil and chewed up wires but it was all more than ok; they’d both been in unfamiliar situations and behaved exactly as we would hope; we could sit back and chuckle over a glass of red.

It certainly takes far longer to get back to normal following a holiday than ever you were on the holiday itself, and when you decide to throw a new puppy into the mix... we're all caught up in a heady mix of jet lag, puppy brain, broken nights' sleep (though he is very good, up at 4am for 5 minutes and we're tucked back in bed) and generally getting back into the swing of work, school and the everyday stuff.  It’s safe to say, that the ironing pile is going to grow by a few more feet yet before I get round to tackling it!

That said, as the boyf and I concluded tonight, with a certain degree of wonder, we are the most relaxed and happy we've been in ages.  The post holiday glow certainly hasn’t yet worn off, but it’s really rewarding to see our little pie-eyed “let’s get a puppy” plan come good.   I’ve talked before about the amount of time and research we put into our decision to get the Dobe and raise her right, and we have thought just as long and hard (if not more so, now that we had Megs to consider too) about how to expand out little pack.  I know that it’s very early days yet, but we are enjoying the calm that comes with the certainly to knowing what we’re doing this time round!  Finn is fitting so well into our life and he's such a happy go lucky little thing.  There’s no doubt we have our work cut out for us, but its good beginnings.

And amidst all this loved-upness, I took a look at my smock, in the hope that I can get back to some sewing this weekend... I have the dining table to clear of that ironing first though!  It felt unfamiliar and exciting all at the same time but I’m itching to get back to it again, I’m not me if I’ve not been sewing for a while.
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