Sunday, 23 September 2012

Attaching the Foresleeves to the Elizabethan Kirtle

It's been a near perfect weekend: the 11yr old rocked her swim champs on Friday night, the boyf is back safe and sound, we had a lovely dinner with friends last night and today is chilly and rainy.  We managed a walk around the woods with the dogs just before the rain set in, had homemade pea and mint soup for lunch and have settled down to a very relaxed afternoon of pottering and a bit of cuddling on the sofa in front of the TV... perfect!

My potter was to get the sleeves and foresleeves attached to the kirtle, and then get Glenda fully dressed in preparation for making the gown.  I decided to stitch the kirtle sleeves to the kirtle; they are attached at the top of the shoulder with a inch and a half of slipstitching.  At the base of the kirtle sleeves are four eyelets, one at the back (above my elbow) and three across the front half.  These were matched to four eyelets on the foresleeves.  I need to buy 2-3yds of ribbon to lace the sleeves together properly but, for now, each eyelet is laced individually with some spare bits of ribbon.

It's a minor but important detail to get these eyelets done; they complete the base silhouette of the gown and I can take accurate measurements for the gown sleeves.  She's looking good and, now that the foresleeves are fixed in what will be their final position, it's also good to see the puffing of the smock sleeves working well and nicely visible.

The next job is to start tracing the pattern pieces of the gown.  The kirtle bodice needed to be widened from the armhole to waist so I pulled the pattern pieces out of the file and I am going to cut the gown bodice to match them and then fit from there.

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