Monday, 24 September 2012

Give us a clue, Halloween Invitations 2012

Last year's Halloween invitations were fabulous but time consuming, this year I went for something more a good deal more subtle but which should get everyone's brains ticking over.  Our (very understanding) friends are all to be killed off (temporarily, for one night only) and are now in possession of an evidence bag relating to the crime. 

The invitation itself is a handmade tag attached to a sealed evidence bag containing an item.  The item is simply a piece of evidence; it could be the source of their demise, found at the scene, of interest in the case... the choice is theirs.

Very odd having a November date for Halloween, its just not right!

They will be meeting their demise in a variety of ways, the evidence includes a knitting needle, a wooden stake, dried wolfsbane, a candlestick, a corkscrew, a broken flower pot, a kipper (real and quite smelly on delivery!), a kite string, a car tyre and three Naga Ghost chillis (as the hottest chillis in the world actually rather dangerous in their own right)... the list goes on.  It's been great fun sourcing the evidence and each piece means something to the recipient.  Its going to be great fun to see what they all come up with.

A4 card (120gms or more, depending on your printer) in White
Clear Avery Labels
Parcel String
String Tied Envelopes, various sizes
Plain Ziplock Bags
Scissors, Awl or sharp Pencil, Black Pen, Hole Punch
Items to be submitted in Evidence

Happy Halloween Everyone!
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