Friday, 14 September 2012

Megs & Finn, a Wordless Friday 14th September 2012

Thanks to a very unexpected, pretty miserable, stomach bug (and with my laptop still at the shop being fixed) I've not being feeling particularly bloggy... anything over and above TV and the sofa seems a little bit too much like hard work.  So no picture taking, but I did take this video of Megs and Finn play fighting.  Megs is lovely when you're ill, she snuggles in close and keeps a watchful eye; Finn's not yet got with the programme and got a little restless... this is after a good 20 minutes of non-stop Finn and if anyone doesn't believe that dobes can be the gentlest, most patient, creatures, Megs lives with this every day!  And yes, it's Junior vs Senior on the TV... they are a guilty pleasure :o)  The other highlight of my convalescence was the "sick kit" that the 11 yr old made me:  bright "cheery" green bucket, large roll of paper towels and the Febreeze carpet spray so that "you can make yourself smell all nice afterwards."  Errmmm....

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