Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The other side of the Greenhouse

So our good friend AW had a pile of logs that needed a new home and a couple of sweaty hours later (the boyf not me!) they appeared on and took over our driveway.  As it was definitely BBQ weather this weekend, we set to clearing them away; cutting them to size and storing them in our new log store i.e. the other side of the gardenhouse.

Yes, it's still "not quite" finished.  Where there is perspex at the front, the back is now wood panelled, though there will eventually be small windows above the little bench that is above the log store.  And yes, I really (really, really, really) need to finish painting!

But I have space for some of my old bottle collection (maybe not the wisest place to put them, I will secure them properly in place!) and the plants are doing very well, I now need to move the tomatoes outside...

and, as we had guests, I indulged in a little more decorating and tidying; piano keys and hooks for all my hand tools.

The alliums have all died off, so the 12yo picked out some lovely geraniums to fill the trough till next spring.  The menu board is, I think, one of my favourite things: its such a good decorative idea, saves your voice when you have a garden full of hungry guests and proved great grafitti fun with adults and children alike as the afternoon progressed.  And yes, there is a huge cobweb above it....

but just look at the size of the spider!

I'm brave, but not that brave.  If (s)he wants a web there, I respect that.  It adds character.
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