Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Vegan Sour Cream/Lemon Cheesecake Recipe.. and a good Chilli to try too

The lovely boyf commented the other day that he misses cooking now that its mainly a meat-free affair.   I know what he means, cooking no-meat, no-dairy (especially the no-dairy part) is a whole new frontier, especially when it comes to "veganising" some of the former regulars like, as in this example, sour cream.  He is a great cook too, and I had forgotten, until I was snuggled on the sofa under a pile of pooches catching up on the episode of Hannibal that I fell asleep during, how nice it is to savour the smells of someone cooking for you.

Earlier in the day I'd popped into our local garden centre, which is having a Chilli Festival, and picked up some Habaneros, thinking of a chilli, based on this recipe that I had found.  It was easy to veganise (tofu beef and HP/soy sauce for the Worcester) and looked good and tasty, so I left him to it and crawled onto the sofa :o)

Just before the snuggling though (not to be completely left out of the kitchen!) I made some tofu sour cream based on this recipe by the Vegan Epicurean.  It caught my eye because of the lemon and we certainly loved the taste, light and fresh (I initially used 2tsps lemon juice and ¼ large lemon zest) with the chilli which was in itself amazing; full of flavour and with a lovely kick, it is a new firm favourite.  

The next day, however, the leftover sour cream was a revelation.  It had thickened in the fridge overnight into a wonderfully smooth mousse with a delicate lemony taste.  I added another tsp each of lemon and agave and just over another ¼ of the lemon zest, let it sit a second night in the fridge and I have a no-bake lemon cheesecake filling.  It is glorious... rich, creamy, lemony and just how I remember lemon cheesecakes to be!  I have tried many a vegan cheesecake recipe and none have come close to this.   

There wasn't much left, and it didn't last long, but I know the perfect people to try it out on properly... the lovely Mr and Mrs B will be getting an invite to dinner soon.  Chilli and Cheesecake.  Yum, yum, yum.

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