Sunday, 24 April 2011

Its been a lovely weekend!

This weekend has been a lovely one and today was no exception. 

Whilst the 9 year old spent the day at the beach with Hannah, the boyfriend and the dog perfected their indoor/outdoor pottering and I sewed on a button, mended Wednesday doll (who had had a small bust up with the doberman!), made a little denim skirt from a pair of jeans I never should have bought in the first place! and have finished the birthday card I've been meaning to make.  We took the dog for a lovely walk through the bluebell wood and ended up having curry for dinner. 

It has also been one of those weekends when I am shown again just how lucky I am to live in our little village.  We have found one of those rare places where being part of the community really does mean something; where our neighbours brought us a fresh trout for dinner last night, our local Indian is as happy to make a buffet for two as they are for 50 and friends knock on our windows to say goodnight as they pass by of an evening.  To top it all off, the woods were just beautiful, I get to rediscover a little of my youth in my "new" denim skirt and we have another days holiday tomorrow! 

Thank you to for a great little tutorial.
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