Saturday, 30 April 2011

NY Day One

It's been a lovely day in NY NY.

After a very late night (21hrs awake in total) and a great NY dinner of takeaway pizza and Snapples the boyf and I woke up to the Royal Wedding.. some things you can't avoid, and rather glad I didn't, feeling proud to be British. We then left the hotel about 8.30am walked south from the hotel on 39th via as many landmarks as we could fit in. Its just over 3 miles as the crow flies, I think we managed to double it and my feet are telling me that it felt like even more :) But the sun shone the whole day, I am entranced by NY and the architecture and we met some great people.

Highlights included the Empire State Building, jazz in Washington Sq Park, lunch at a gorgeous Italian in TriBeCa with the friendliest waiter, and the Memorial Preview Centre at Ground Zero which brought me to tears.

Last, but not least, a quick trip up to Mood... It was everything I expected, packed to the rafters with bolt after bolt of fabric, way too much to try and choose from, slightly grumpy staff and the bulldog! Thanks to the very patient boyf, who is far more fabric-aware than he'd ever want to admit, I am very pleased with my purchases which have just enough classic and quirk to suit both me and do justice to the historical nature of the dress.... I hope! I am excited to get home and start working with them... And may also just need to pop into a trim shop or two as they are everywhere I look and brimming with gorgeous things...
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