Monday, 18 April 2011

A Victorian Chemise

With thanks to Alasse from the BurdaStyle community (her blog can been seen at, I was inspired to start the Victorian project using her "Unmentionables" chemise and corset patterns.

The chemise is now done; in white broderie anglaise, with a crocheted lace neckline and sleeves. The pattern was a joy to work with and it came together so quickly and beautifully that I felt compelled to flat-fell the seams: a seam that brings back all sorts of Home Ecc class horrors from my dim and distant youth!
That said, standing at the ironing board with the 9 yr old, trimming and steaming the seams and explaining as I did so, I was reminded of my Grandmother and felt that connection to the past that hovers around when you are imparting good, sound knowledge. Not that my fabulously modern, iPod/smart phone/laptop/Moshi Monsters/iPad/DS XL/Scooby Doo/Wii/dinosaur/swimming obsessed daughter will ever need to flat-fell a seam again; I am just pleased to know that she could do if she wanted to!
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