Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A weekend in Wales

The weekend just gone, it was time once again for the annual trek to Wales with the boyfs' company to "indulge" in a little eating, drinking scrambling up mountains and, this year, whitewater rafting!  On Saturday we walked, scrambled, climbed up Glyder Fawr, Snowdonia's 5th highest peak at just over 3200ft, in sun, rain and fog - sadly as we neared the top, no photos to be had - and down the path by the Devil's Kitchen.  It was, as all Welsh climbs are, an experience and a half and utterly worth every minute... we are also now going to have to go back and tackle the Kitchen properly, it looked well worth the effort :o)

The boyf and the 11yr old relaxing on the way down, Glyder Fawr in the background.
Walking down to the lake, Llyn Idwal.
On Sunday we were whitewater rafting in Llangollen.  Dodgy wetsuits aside, who looks good in a wetsuit?!? it was really good fun, though my frozen features in every photo might suggest otherwise!  Instead of going downstream and then being driven back, we stayed on a small section of the river and, thanks to the skill of our raft captains, were sent back time and time again into the "white stuff" to experience just a little bit more of the pounding cold!  Never having been in a raft before, the 11yr old took to it with abandon and loved every single second, I was proud of her!

And as we all enjoyed getting battered and bruised, the dogs enjoyed a weekend with the pack at E's.  This time it consisted of the dobe, a Rottie, Euraser and three Goldies... the little man did us all proud and proved that it's not the size of the dog that makes the dog! 

They seemed to have had a great time but came back as tired as us.  The boyf and I have overslept every morning since and the dogs have taken full advantage; it has been such a lovely way to spend the mornings, waking up under a pile of dogs... hmm, "pile" suggests, and there looks to be room for, at least one more! ;o)

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