Thursday, 2 August 2012

RIP Blue, a good chook!

It was slightly prophetic maybe to have chosen that picture of Blue yesterday; she died with less than a day to go till we could get her to the vet.  It was especially sad and frustrating as she was up and about that day and I thought we were winning the battle.  As late as an hour before she went she was pottering about and looking so much better that I didn't say my proper hellos when I came home, choosing to walk the dogs first instead and planning to spoil her a little afterwards.  I know she's only a chook, but I care deeply for my animals and I was enjoying the bond that was forming; who knew that she'd love to have her feathers blow dried or that she was a fan of tuna. 

Now, I have one last chook, Etta, and some decisions to make.  Ets can't stay on her own, she stood watch over Blue till I'd buried her and is chasing round the run in a panic today.  I don't know if I want more chooks though, I get far too attached to them.  The decision has to be what would be easier on her, joining an established flock or, hopefully, becoming a elder "aunt" to a couple of newbies... I guess I've just answered my own question!  First job though is to rehome Ets temporarily in the dog run and give everything a good clean, just to be on the safe side, before making any final decisions.
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