Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Elizabethan Smock, finished...

ok, ok technically I need to sew on a couple of ties but the big stuff... all done!  Little dance around the room.

I had time for one photo, one photo only, this morning and apologies for the odd Venus de Milo pose and grumpy face (it's too early in the morning) but, despite the appropriate underwear, it's such fine cotton that I wasn't entirely sure that I wouldn't end up embarrassed.  Though I realise, in retrospect, that I wouldn't have covered anything anyway!

The hem was hand sewn last night, I will put the ties on the cuffs (and ruffs if needs be) once I've decided on whether the ruffs will be tacked onto the cuffs (cuffs, ruffs, cuffs, ruffs.... I feel like I'm in a Dr. Seuss book!) or the inside of the oversleeve.  I am quite liking the idea of tacking the ruffs to the cuffs and then finishing the ruffs ("Green eggs and ham? I do not like them Sam-I-am") with some 3mm black ribbon and using that as the ties.  I thought it would be a lovely detail if it ran all the way round the join between the ruff and the bias binding and then extended into ties.

I can't believe that it's finally done (or that I've been rattling on about it since 17th May!) but it's done, done, done and in celebration, I'm starting on those oversleeves asap... it'll be lovely to have some colour back in my sewing, bring on the orange damask!

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