Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Sleeves... the sleeves... *sigh*

It started off being a very relaxed evening last night, such a rarity in our house that I commented on it.  It was at that point I jinxed myself.  With everyone doing their own thing, and a little behind on what I'd hoped to do on the gown, I decided to fit the sleeves.

I love fitting sleeves.  It is one of those points, when making a jacket or dress, that a group of relatively disjointed pieces start to come together and you get your first inkling of what the final item will look like.  The first sleeve went in perfectly.  The second?  Well, there are no photos.  I have no spare fabric left; thank goodness I'm a "round it up and add another metre" girl.  It was nearly midnight when I got to bed; I could have got there half an hour earlier, but had a restorative glass of wine first.  And the final sleeve is the third attempt.  It was a long night!

Anyways, by then end of the evening I did, at least have two sleeves and, if all else fails, I'll make a very good Halloween bat or an Emperor Palpatine!  I obviously need to fold them back and tack them into their final position.  I also think that I need to play a bit more with the top of the lining; now that the sleeves are in the armhole, even with the easing of the seam allowance they feel tighter than I would like.  I am going to get the skirt on, so that I can line and finish the jacket, and then I'll see what to do with the lining.

In the meantime, our "shrunkies" are coming on nicely (the 11yr old is fascinated by it all)... though, in my sleep deprived haze, I left the oven on this morning (I turn it on low for a bit each morning to keep everything nice and dry) so I may get home to "crispies"!  
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