Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Tudor Gown, Wednesday & Thursday

This week has been spent on the Tudor Gown.  It's been hard work!  I changed day job and offices too, so all in all, there wasn't time to do everything and write about it.  Instead. here are the highlights, day by day. 

Wednesday evening was spent sewing the pieces of the gown skirt together.  Six in all, two back (which form the train of the gown), two side and two front.  There was also a matching lining.  It was huge - the waistline is 11ft! - there was no use in taking any photos. they would have simply been of large piles of grey or black fabric.  Instead I waited for Thursday afternoon, when the lovely Mr S and the 11yr old helped me demonstrate just how large the skirt is...

I also caught the 11yr old practicing her ballet in her pumpkin tutu outfit for the Halloween disco at school.

The rest of Thursday was spent relaxing with my lovely friend V, having curry for dinner and sympathising with Finn who had had "the op"... 

poor Finn, he did look sorry for himself!  If only lasted the night though, you'd not think anything had happened the way he's charging around now.

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