Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Star Wars Card

One little sideline project this last week has been a card for my very good friend GG.  I'm a Star Wars fan; of a certain age, aren't we all?  I watch the movies, could maybe even indulge in a movie marathon day, will discuss the pros and cons of episodes 1-3 and would love to have my own Yoda (he could sit with E.T.) but don't come anywhere close to GG.  He is a Star Wars Super Fan; a my perfect b'day present would be..., change my religion to Jedi, hang out with Darth Vader, hug a Storm Trooper fan!  He just LOVES Star Wars and everything about it.  This pattern from weelittlestitches on etsy (I love their stuff) was just perfect.  I didn't use the colours that they suggested (I raided the stash instead), C3PO underwent a couple of alterations and I didn't have time for a coloured background (it was a real last minute thing) but I'm pleased with the result.  Even better, so was GG... the pic says it all :o)

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