Monday, 13 February 2012

The Elizabethan Farthingale, adding the boning

Sunday afternoon I pinned the first layer of ribbon casings to the hem of the farthingale and sewed them in place.  

I didn't intend to have any more time than to do that, but as it happened the lovely Mr & Mrs B were watching the end of the football and I had a willing assistant in the boyf - we decided to try out the infamous narrow steel gauge hooping.  After that, I couldn't resist trying it out on Miss G for a quick peak at what the final article might look like.

I just love the way that it sits on the back of the bumroll, such a wonderful shape!  There is a slight problem with the hooping though... I don't know if it's that the narrow gauge is too weak, I won't know till I've sewn the other rows in, or if it's just not a good idea!

It's certainly a striking shape, even with it's very wonky hem, but just to take these photos I had to rearrange the dining room!  The Alcega Farthingale is a wonderfully interesting project but I think that it's going to need a little adjustment if it's also going to be practically wearable.  I have plenty of drill leftover and can easily make a second skirt if needs be, so for now I'm going to continue as instructed,  I've also decided it's time for some more patterns... I'm going to order the Margo Anderson Tudor Ladies' set.
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