Sunday, 1 May 2011

NY Day Two... a little late!

There was no chance of any sensible thought last night! After a second day of walking... somehow our chill out day on the waterfront turned into another trek the length of Manhattan!... I was exhausted, it was all I could do to eat the largest salad I've seen in a while (very very good though) and fall pathetically into bed at about 9.30pm.

It was, however, a glorious day. The sun shone, the water sparkled, Lady Liberty stood proud (we chickened out of the 2hr-ish queue to go to Staten Island), we saw some great street entertainment, met the world's fastest bartender and enjoyed the Hudson River Park in all it's glory, though you couldn't help but feel a little slack for not jogging frantically... that seems to be the only thing to do!

I have fallen in love with the confidence that NY exudes and NYers friendliness. As soon as they hear the accent, people happily start conversations with you and it takes no time to start following suit. I have had some great chats with complete strangers and find myself greeting anyone I pass who happens to catch my eye. It wouldn't happen at home, and I think we're poorer for it. There is a such a strong sense of community in this vast city and by sharing the tiny pleasantries for a moment we get to be a part of it too... I have fallen for NY and it's NYers!
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