Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Intuition is a frustrating mistress!

I am a great believer in intuition but it has been testing me of late.  I cannot see, for example, why it sent me off on the alternative route to work last Monday, which could have so nearly ended up with one wreaked Smart car and me in an ambulance on my way to hospital... except that I got some unplanned practice in sudden avoidance manoeuvres; always the best kind I think!

And so it has been with my apron.  Over and over again I have said to myself, "make the loops for the buttons" (more later), and each time I have stubbornly insisted that "no, only buttonholes will do".  Well, three days and three re-hems later, I have learnt my lesson and, in the process, have figured out that the loops will actually work better and solve the one big issue that I had with the buttonholes... now, intuition, why couldn't you have mentioned that first?!
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