Tuesday, 3 May 2011

These are dangerous times

because as I sit here, high on the buzz of far too little sleep since Sunday (thanks to time zones, the selfish elbows next to me on the flight home and a very ill 9y r old ) and with a whole evening to myself ahead of me, by brain and fingers are twitching dangerously! 

I have fabric, and patterns and Halloween invitations to make; a corset to finish and another on it's way; a blog to update, garden furniture to paint, a bday card for the lovely Mrs B to make; and another 200-odd NY photos to sort through and upload.   The temptation to run on home and start on them all at once is itching away at me; given half a chance I would happily sit up all night.  But as I've had 6 hours sleep in 54 and another 4 ahead of me before I can go to bed (and not be woken half the night by a restless dog!) I know I need to be calming the storm and getting ready for a good nights sleep... Not stirring things up with plots and plans!  In an ideal world I could just take the next two days off and stitch till the costume was done... As it is I am going to have to behave, prioritise, finish the corset before even touching the costume pieces and resist the oh so twitchy fingers!
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