Tuesday, 3 May 2011

NY Day Three

was beautiful; walking to and through Central Park, listening to musicians, relaxing and enjoying a lovely long afternoon in the pub before braving the chaos of the train to Newark. 

I also saw the Alexander McQueen  windows at Bergdorf Goodman (celebrating the Savage Beauty Exhibition currently at the Met) and to see his brilliance up close is just breath-taking.  The shaping and corsetry, the use of materials and exquisite detailing is just extraordinary.  I would never have said I was a fan, appreciative but not a fan, but I am converted... there was magical genius in his work; and I may have to get a copy of the show catalogue, which looks stunning in itself.

Then the boyf, picker of the beautiful pale fabric palette, pointed out a black and green McQueen dress and said "Your Victorian costume would have looked great in black and green"... I did not remind him (boyf are you reading this?! ;o) xx) that I had mentioned black and green at Mood; I shall simply have to make a second costume, should I feel the need, once this one is finished!
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