Sunday, 11 September 2011

10 years on

I remember standing in the garden, holding my new baby girl, and listening to horror unfold on the radio.  I wondered then what world I had brought a child into.

10 years on, I am grateful that this year I was finally able to stand, in what is now a place of renewal and hope, and personally pay my respects to the souls lost that day.  Since that day, I have actively lived my Buddhist faith and discovered a real sense of purpose in doing what I can to make this world a better place for my daughter. No longer could I leave it to other people; it was time to do my part - and teach my daughter well.

It took just a few men, a very few minutes to create horror; it teaches us just how much we could do, for the good, if each of us chose to live the rest of our time with good intention, compassion and ethical responsibility.

As such, it was fitting that today was the day of the annual motorbike charity ride in aid of our local Air Ambulance service.  It is one of my favourite days of the year, but this year had a special poignancy and it was good to know that we were helping to save lives today.

My prayer today is for lost souls and continued compassion; may we all live actively with compassion.
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