Sunday, 4 September 2011

The 1880 Dinner Bodice

So here it is, Truly Victorian pattern TV422: the 1880 Dinner Bodice, a truly nerve-wracking piece of clothing to both make and wear!

I have read the instructions, and re-read the instructions (a number of times...) and come to two conclusions:

a) this makes the corset look like a doddle, and
b) I need to man-up-woman (the 10 yr olds favourite new saying) and just get sewing.

So, I got measured this morning, spent a happy half hour with my calculator working out my "adjusted measurements" and selecting the pattern sizes accordingly (mostly a D, one C), lengthened where appropriate - confused yet? I was! - and eventually was able to trace and cut out my pattern pieces.

13 pieces for one jacket, to be cut out in the metallic poplin, a twill interlining and an inner lining; and lets not forget the 10 pieces of boning! ...yes, that's a medicinal glass of red wine you can see ;o)

Now all I have to do is adjustment the pattern: this piece will require an initial toile (muslin) in order to make sure it fits perfectly.  I'm going to raid the scrap bin, a patchwork toile maybe?

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