Sunday, 4 September 2011


When did you last sit still?  Just sit, unmoving, breathing, acknowledging the moment?

For me, it was at about 8.35 this morning... trussed up like a Victorian turkey and realising, somewhat belatedly perhaps, that even sitting in full late 1800s garb takes some getting used to.

Victorian dressing goes something like this: chemise; corset; boyf tightens corset, remember to breathe, stand for a few minutes to get used to breathing; bend over, remember that you can't bend over, bend at the knees, as low as you have to, to get whatever you want, however you can; breathe; bend over again in an attempt to get your petticoat on, remember you can't bend over and swear, put your petticoat on over your head; put your skirt on over your head, wriggling required; put your overskirt on, ridiculously pleased that is doesn't have to go over your head; admire your outfit, remember to breathe; understand the necessity of having someone to help dress you; move; breathe; sit; realise that sitting is surprisingly difficult and breathing is suddenly a challenge again; sit; breathe; sit; breathe; contemplate the comfort of being held up and in; breathe; enjoy the stillness; breathe; idly ponder Victorian women and their love for crafty hobbies that could be done sitting down, clever ladies; wonder what the heck this is going to feel like with another layer of boning on...and really, breathe...

Once sat, and breathing, it was a surprisingly comfortable experience; rather like a straight-jacket with your arms free!  After about half an hour I was relaxed and almost meditative, focused on my breathing and still; it was almost a disappointment to change into jeans and go slouch on the sofa :o)
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