Sunday, 11 September 2011

An 1880 Mock Up

The Dinner Jacket instructions recommend a mock up; so a mock up I have made.  It's a quick and dirty piece of sewing so no photos of the process!  I am glad that I've made it though, as there is a fair amount of adjusting to do, particularly to the back panels.  At the moment it sits on Miss G, but she's just a little larger than me, so I will have to get dressed up at some point this week and trust the boyf and a pot of pins not to leave me too damaged!

At the moment the arms are just pinned in as the panels that I need to adjust on the back will change the arm hole size.  I also think the arms will need narrowing and that the shoulders will also need to be shortened.

The back edge of the dark green side panels is where the adjustments need to be made, you can see the bagginess along the edge.  I do love the sweep of the tail panel as it comes down the back of the skirt.

Below the waistline fits perfectly, on Miss G at least, and the length of the tails is good.
The mock up really is a mess! but I was not expecting it to be much more than a quick proof that the jacket would fit, especially as we'd taken the measurements carefully and multiple times.  I'm surprised by the amount of adjusting that it seems to need but now glad, in equal measure, that I have the chance to get it fitting perfectly.  I've never worked on something that needs this level of tweaking before; it's going to be interesting.

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